About Us

We’re here to help you connect with others specifically in the logging industry nationwide.

Associatedloggers.com is the brainchild of Steve Valencia. As broker for Athena Insurance and Financial Services, Steve wanted to venture out and create something for businesses to come together in one place. One industry that Steve felt would benefit greatly from this was the logging industry. Enter Associated Loggers. 

Our Mission

The mission of associatedLoggers.com is to bring together nationwide logging companies and provide directory listings for businesses, events and projects. Along with a jobs board , advertising and quality insurance services all in one place. We strive to attract the likes of Landowners, Investors, Foresters, and individuals that have a vested interest or work in the logging and timber industry. Education systems such as Universities, Colleges and Specialty Trade Schools. Land Owners that have an interest in understanding, researching and hiring Loggers and other persons who can assist them in appraisals, quotes, forest management, etc. Development Enterprises and their staff. Along with Local Government Agencies including County, City, State and Federal Agencies.

Our Services

As mentioned, we want Associated Loggers to be the Go-To site for everything related to the logging industry. This means giving businesses the tools and features they would need to grow their business and not have to look on multiple sites to do so.

Directory Listing
Our first goal is to create a complete directory of businesses. One that anyone can look to when trying to locate a business near them for any service they require. We have already imported in a public directory that needs finalizing. We are welcoming those businesses to claim and complete their listing with their contact information and other details they wish to add. On top of that, we encourage others to sign up and list their own business. The more the merrier. With this, no one would have to look any further than Associated Loggers to contact a company in the the logging industry.

Events and Ticket Sales
Along with our directory listings, you can also post events. If you are hosting an event and want to sell tickets, we have you covered. On Associated Loggers, you can list an event and sell tickets all through our site. You can set your own ticket price and promote it as you wish. To learn more,  click here.

Jobs Board
The logging industry is always looking for work. Sure, you could go to any of the other job sites and post a job or search for a job in this specific industry. But we want to get people connected faster. At Associated Loggers, you can count on finding what you’re looking for. Employers can post jobs for any position they are needing. Job seekers can then apply directly on this site and get in contact with employers regarding specific jobs just like any other job site.

Logging companies require a lot of insurance. Being an insurance company first and foremost, Athena Insurance and Financial Services is here to cover you. Get a quote from the “Insurance” tab in the main menu or visit athenainsurance.com.


Pricing for certain services are subject to change. As the site is still being finalized, we will be temporarily offering our services free of charge. Memberships will always be free but if you are an established business that posts multiple events, projects or jobs throughout the year, we will have a premium option available that may benefit you. Some of the services that we will be associating a fee with will be posting projects, resumes, job posts, banner ads, and featured listings.